About Me


Lets begin with the name: kookykoukla - (κούκλα - in Greek means "doll").

I have always enjoyed writing and decided that I would begin blogging. I would describe my blog as a "picnic" because it covers lots of different categories. 

I love to cook so naturally my blog has some of my favorite recipes.
I am an avid nail polish wearer and have not left my nails "natural" since the age of 16 therefore expect some nail art.
Those who know me well would be surprised to catch me out and about without my makeup on (not that there is anything wrong with not wearing makeup) however it just isn't me to be seen without my war paint so there will certainly be some bloggy bits covering beauty. 

A bit about me....

Professional organiser / occasional day dreamer
Talker / bi-lingual speaker / keen reader
Adventurous travel planner / nervous flyer

Life is full of juxtapositions right?  

Enjoy the blog, comments welcome. 


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